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Writing at Avenue is linked to the Learning Challenge Curriculum where possible to engage and enrich the children's learning experience. It is modelled by the teacher as the expert writer, with contributions from the children. Writing opportunities are planned every week to allow children to develop and consolidate skills learnt in writing lessons. We try to allow children to write in context so they feel they are writing for a purpose (e.g. Persuading the Head Teacher not to cancel P.E. or writing a description about their bedroom), but we also give them opportunities to write in character or about the wider world (e.g. An explanation text about the Phases of the Moon).


Feel free to look at the curriculum overviews in our curriculum section of the website, or speak to the class teacher, to find out more about what your child will be writing about this term.



From the earliest stages, children will be developing their fine motor skills when they pick up writing tools and make marks on paper. You can help by giving your child lots of opportunities to scribble, draw, colour and develop other early writing skills. However, handwriting needs to be taught in a consistent way and it is important for children to develop good habits with writing.


At Avenue we follow the Nelson Handwriting scheme. Watch this video to find out more about the scheme and how to support your child:

The Nelson Handwriting Scheme

To support your children at home,


- Give them lots of opportunities to write for different purposes

- Ensure they are using the correct pencil grip

- Ensure they are sitting in the correct position

- Help them to form the letters correctly and at the correct size


Use the images below to help you and please speak to your child's class teacher for any further support.




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