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Tour of our School

In this section some of our Year 5 children are going to take you around for a tour of our school...

Our School Office


"The School Office is where parents and students get information about the school. In the reception there are lots of facilities like the students can leave their phone, so they don't get distracted while they're learning. The Office Staff is really helpful and they give you the right information you need."   ‚Äč

Our Sports Hall


"In the Sports Hall we have PE lessons. In PE this term we're learning about how to throw a discus, javelin and shotput. We are also learning about standing long jump. I really enjoy these lessons with Mr Pernice."

Our Playground


"In the playground there are midday supervisors to make sure we are not hurt and we are safe and comfortable. There are zones in our playground such as Buddy Stops, where you can go if you feel sad or if you have no one to play with. The Time Out Zone is where you have time out and get to reflect back on what you have done wrong. Last but not least the Quite Zone where children just relax and play card games."

Our Hygiene Room


"The hygiene room is a room where you can get cured if you are injured or feeling sick. If you are unwell you can have some rest. Our hygiene room is very well equipped and sophisticated. It's also very clean and tidy. I like the hygiene room because if I am hurt, I am being very well looked after."

Our Dining Hall


"The dining hall is a place where we eat and talk to our friends. We really like it because it's really big. The dinner ladies are very kind to us. The food they give us is really nice and delicious."

Our ICT Room


"I like ICT because we get a chance to learn and explore the internet and in lessons we're learning how to encript and decript codes. My favourite lesson is ICT and ICT teaches me how to be safe on the internet."

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