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The Avenue Radio Broadcast! (ARB)


Welcome to the Official Page of The Avenue Radio Broadcast!

(Started in May 2016)


Every week, our resident radio DJs, Hazel, Mekhi and Tyrel (In order of the picture above), create and broadcast a radio show outlining everything the children at Avenue need to know.


The DJs create their own script, choose their own content and then pick a song themselves for each show and it is heard in every classroom each week.


If you've ever wondered how they do it, take a look at this screenshot from Audacity, which shows you a sound wave of every section of the our first ever broadcast...



I think you'll agree that's pretty cool!


Why not have a listen to all of the shows so far?...

ARB First Show - 9.6.16

ARB - 16.6.16

ARB - 29.6.16 (New hosts for this week only!)

ARB - 8.7.16

ARB - 14.7.16

ARB - 21.7.16

ARB 26.7.16 - Bloopers

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