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Summer 2

Welcome to Reception!


Hello, welcome to Reception.

At Avenue Primary, we learn about a different topic every half term. These topics are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage outcomes and revolve around a main question.

For this half term, we will be thinking about our imagination and where it will take us?We will be encouraging children to think about fantasy journeys and build and create from their experiences within real contexts and the stories they have experienced.This term we go on our big trip to LEGOLAND in Windsor!

Our question is:


As part of the process of moving on from Reception to Year 1 we are encouraging the children to think about journeys that they make in real life and fantastical journeys that they could make. We want the children to use their communication skills and develop their vocabulary at the same time. It is also a good opportunity to use programmable toys that they can move from one place to another.




We would also recommend that you take your child to your local library; there are lots of fantastic books for you to share with your child and often there are special story telling activities – just look on the library website to find out more.


Please also look below for some links to useful websites to help support your child’s learning and for fun learning activities.

Extra Content

It is a good time to go out and about with your child. When you visit many parks you will see a plan at the entrance. Talk to your child about where they would like to go and how they can get to that particular spot. If you take your child to a shopping centre there are often plans that show the shops. Perhaps you could collect some of them and then encourage your child to draw their own map.

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