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Summer 2


Welcome to Year 6!


Hello, welcome to Year 6.


At Avenue Primary, we learn about a different topic every half term. These topics and called ‘drivers’ and revolve around a main question, which links specifically to either Science, History or Geography.


For this half term, we have a Geography driver and our questions to investigate are…




In this Geography unit we'll be exploring the globe and various maps, looking at why there are various lines over them. We will look at navigation in the 21st century, including how we would navigate around our local environment using traditional methods and more online techniques (e.g. Google Maps). We will also be describing the human and physical features of London.


Here is an outline of the other curriculum areas we will be covering this term.



Please also look below for some links to useful websites for the children to use for their own research and enjoyment.




Lines on the Globe

Extra Content


Can you locate information about famous sailors and explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Francis Drake ?

Can you find out information about the history of

Greenwich observatory?

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