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Summer 1

For this half term, we have a Science driver and our question to investigate is…


During this Science Driver, we will be looking at the organs within our bodies and understanding how to keep them healthy. We will investigate how things increase our heart rate and why it is so important that our heart continues to pump blood around our bodies. We will also look at why Oxygen is important to us and what happens inside our bodies when we breathe. We will then compare our bodies to various animals' and look at our similarities and differences.

Puberty and Relationship Education

At the end of the Spring Term, Year 5&6 focus on Puberty and Relationship Education. Please click the link below to get an overview of the the themes we look at and the content taught.

Here is an overview of everything we'll be looking at this half-term:


Please also look below for some links to useful websites for the children to use for their own research and enjoyment.

Labelled diagrams of our lungs and heart


In English, we're looking at how the Migration crisis from Syria is affecting the UK. See the document below for extra research, facts and statistics...
We've also been looking at Shakespeare and specifically focusing on the story of Macbeth. See the text below to read the text we've been focusing on...


Every week we learn a new spelling rule. Use the websites below to help you with your homework...

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