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Summer 1

For this half term, we are thinking about growth and insects. This focus is developing children’s Understanding the World. We will be looking closely at the world around us and asking questions about how and why things are changing at this time of the year.


Our question will be:



We will be learning about plants and naming parts of plants. We will also be looking at mini-beasts and finding out many fascinating facts about them. Some caterpillars will be coming to the Nursery and we will watch closely to see what happens to them!



Please also look below for some links to useful websites to help support your child’s learning and for fun learning activities.

Extra Content

It is an ideal time for you and your child to go out and about and explore. If you have one, take a magnifying glass with you and look really closely at the insects and bugs you can see. Perhaps you can take a photo of them and then find out more about them when you get home. Try growing seeds – either in a flower pot, or your garden – how quickly do they grow?

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