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Summer 1

For this half term, we will be thinking about ‘Is it alive?’ and thinking about life cycles. We will be focusing on living things, such as caterpillars and eggs and begin to think about growing plants.


 Our question is:



We will start this half term by brainstorming what we already know about living things and then move onto what we would like to find out. The children will be observing closely both caterpillars and eggs, commenting about the changes they see. We will encourage them to work at home planting seeds and reporting any changes that they see as the weather warms up.




We would also recommend that you take your child to your local library; there are lots of fantastic books for you to share with your child and often there are special story telling activities – just look on the library website to find out more.


Please also look below for some links to useful websites to help support your child’s learning and for fun learning activities.

Extra Content

This is an ideal time of year to explore parks and gardens with your child. You could take them to Newham City Farm and look at the farm animals and see what the young animals look like. What about visiting a local Garden Centre and buying some seeds that you and your child could plant? When your child is eating fruit, look carefully for the seeds and then perhaps you could plant them. If you want seeds that grow quickly, try cress seeds or radishes and then make a salad or a sandwich with them.

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