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Spring 2

Welcome to Year 5!


Hello, welcome to Year 5.

At Avenue Primary, we learn about a different topic every half term. These topics and called ‘drivers’ and revolve around a main question, which links specifically to either Science, History or Geography.


For this half term, we have a Science and History driver and our questions to investigate are…




Within our science driver, we will learn all about forces. We will look at what friction is and how it affects moving objects; air resistance, drag, gravity and we will conduct experiments around these concepts. Whilst experimenting we will use Scientific vocabulary, make predictions, observations and draw conclusions on our findings.


Following this, our historical driver will take us on journey through the Middle East, between 610AD up 1258AD. We will learn about Islamic Civilisation and why this is an important relevant period of history to study.

Puberty and Relationship Education

At the end of the Spring Term, Year 5&6 focus on Puberty and Relationship Education. Please click the link below to get an overview of the the themes we look at and the content taught.

Here is an outline of the other curriculum areas we will be covering this term.

There are also links to some useful websites for the children to use for their own research and enjoyment.




For half term, your homework is to carry out a school project.


Choose to either do a project on…


1) Our last topic – Could you be the next Space Explorer?

2) Or one of our next topics – Can you feel the force? Or Why is there a Period in History called ‘The Golden Age?’


Choose one of the ideas below to do your project on…

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