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Spring 1

For this half term, we have a History driver and our questions to investigate are…



Within the History driver, children will be learning about the World War II, how it began and finished. They will find out what our home borough looked like during the war and why it was bombed. Children will find how population in London lived during the war time and describe what has changed since those times. Children will learn about Ann Frank and Rose Blanch.


Here is an outline of the other curriculum areas we will be covering this term.


Please also look below for some links to useful websites for the children to use for their own research and enjoyment.



Extra Content

See if you can research and answer these questions, then come in and tell your teacher...


- Can you locate information about Winston Churchill and his role in WWII?


- What were the most significant events during the WWII? Build a timeline of the events and describe their significance.

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