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After School Clubs

Clubs are run on a rolling program. Most clubs are very popular and are often oversubscribed. We use a first come, first served system to be as fair as possible and then use a waiting list for any children who miss out on a place.


You can get a form to join the waiting list from the school office.


All clubs are collected from the main school entrance at 4.15pm. It is important to be on time to collect your children. Persistent absence (more than 3 consecutive sessions) may result in the place being withdrawn for your child.


Parents will always be notified by letter if the child has been allocated to a club.


We are also excited to announce that we now employ Sports Coaches to run extra clubs every day for children across the school. We also employ a Gymnastics specialist to lead Gymnastics P.E. lessons every Wednesday for children in year 3 & 4.


Below is our latest timetable for After School Clubs.

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