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Hello. We are the school council 2021!...

We want our school to be Awesome!


What is the School Council?

We are children from all years of the school who were elected by the children in our class in order to make the school EVEN better.


Why do we have a School Council?

There are lots of children in our school and we believe we also have the right to make the school a better and brighter place.


What does the School Council do?

We meet 2 times every half term to discuss how to make the school community even better. We discuss things like: the environment, improving school dinners, improving our learning experience in school, online learning, improving our lunch and break time areas, anti bullying and even about improving our toilets! 


Once we choose something that we want to improve, we then plan how we are going to achieve it…


What has the School Council achieved?

We have missed a lot school this year because of the lockdowns, however, we still managed to achieve several things:


  • We talked during the lockdowns in The School Council Google Classroom in order to discuss different ideas and how to achieve them.
  • We designed posters in order to remind children of how to use and behave correctly in the toilets.
  • We also designed posters in order to promote Covid safety.
  • We spoke to other children around the school about how to improve school lunches. We then met our head school lunch lady to discuss these suggestions.
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