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Online Safety for Pupils

Click on a link below to use child-safe search engines



DigiDucks Big decision

- e-safety e-book 

Spacebook profile

Lee and Kim’s

magical adventure


Laura's Online

Safety Vlog

Comic –

Choices and cheaters



Comic –Stand up

or stand by

Guy Fawkes
has trouble...
Lady Jane Grey's
dodgy e-mail


Cyber cafe

Smartie the 

penguins adventures 

- e-safety book

Hectors World


CBBC Stay Safe 

Mr Pooter leans
a lesson

Kara Winston &

The Smart Crew


You can talk to ChildLine online

or by phone whenever you need to.

Whatever your worry, its better out than in. 


Chat with a counsellor about anything.

It's a 1-2-1 session - so it's just

you and Childline. They can give you

help and support with whatever's

worrying you.  


If you or a friend is worried

about something that's happened

to you online or you're

uncomfortable with something

that another person on the

internet is asking you

to do, then don't keep it to yourself - you can

report it here.


Learn and practice how to be good

friends and to look after yourself

and others and stay safe online.


CyberMentors is all about young

people helping and supporting each

other online. If you're being

bullied, feeling a bit low,

troubled by something,

or are being targeted online or offline,

CyberMentors are here to help.


Learn about your Internet safety on

adventures with Smartie the

Penguin, or Captain Kara and the



Learn with Clicky through games and

videos about how to make yourself

safe online.



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