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Online Safety for Parents

At Avenue Primary School we have a different Online Safety Focus each half term. Here are the areas we focus on...



Please have a look at these leaflets that give an outline of these areas and what you can do to help you child at home...

While these sessions are extremely successful, we are aware of the challenges parents face at home with a constantly changing technology-driven world. Due to a number of recent incidents we have had in school, we want to make you aware of some common Apps and games our children are using (Click for a more comprehensive list):


For more information on common Games and Apps your children are playing, please go to the pages below:

Childnet have released a great resource to help you understand the issues your child may face online and some strategies you can use to help them.


Click here to download the leaflet:


Click here to download the leaflet in alternate languages:

Here are some links of resources to help explain

the different areas of Online Safety for children


Child net CEOP

Know IT

all for parents


Age ratings

for games – PEGI

NSPCC prevent abuse Internet matters


Safe search engine Digital parenting Switched on families


Parental guides to keep children safe


Instagram Mobile phones


with your child


E-safety Cyberbullying Parental controls


Sexting Social Networking Downloading


Online Gaming Online Grooming Keeping safe online


Apps Premium Rate content Pornography



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