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Is your child going on the residential barge trip?

Is your child going on the residential barge trip?


This may be the first time your child has stayed away from home which is a big step. 

Here are some tips for dealing with homesickness:

  • Talk to your child to find out if they have any concerns about going away.


  • Listen to all your child’s fears however trivial they may seem; often small worries can seem enormous to children.


  • Reassure your child that the staff members they will be travelling with will keep them safe at all times.


  • Give your child a small keepsake, a piece of your clothing, a toy or teddy that will remind them of home. This can be their connection back to you.


  • Remind your child that you will still be there when they return and that you will be very excited to hear how the trip went.


Remember to have fun!



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