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Little Ilford School Engineering Project - March/July 2015

Back in March, four year 5 girls attended Little Ilford School for an engineering project.

They were taught how to make a water propelled rocket. As a challenge they were asked to teach other children how to make one and then launch it.

The girls attended science club where they taught fellow students how to make the rockets, and on the following week we launched them!

Science club and the year 5 girls enjoyed watching the rockets zoom into the air and crashing back down to the ground again.

On the 8th of July they returned to Little Ilford, this time they made another rocket. This one was launched using....... DYNAMITE!!!!

The girls worked together beautifully as a team and had an amazing time at Little Ilford, hopefully this has encouraged them enough to consider taking up engineering in the future!

Well done girls!

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