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Admissions to Avenue Primary School (Reception to Year 6)


The London Borough of Newham is the Admission Authority for this school who organise all admissions centrally. Application forms are available online or through contacting the council 020 8430 2000.

Admission entry for September 2019 Primary and Secondary 

  • LB Newham School Admission Arrangements for 2019 - Click here

Admission for entry from September 2018 (2018/19 current academic year)

  • LB Newham Primary School Admission Arrangements for 2018 - Click here
  • In Year’ School Admissions Application – aka mid term or mid phase - Click here

Primary to secondary transition for entry September 2019)

  • LB Newham Secondary School Admission Arrangements for 2019 - Click here
  • Link to Pan London eadmissions portal - Click here
  • LB Newham primary to secondary transition web pages - Click here

In-year admissions


If you are interested in applying for a place at Avenue midyear then this is called an in-year admission. For more information please click on the following link:


The application form can be completed directly online by following this link.


If for any reason you wish your child to leave Avenue and transfer to a different school in Newham then please use the same form. When you receive a place at an alternative school then please complete a 'Leaving Avenue' form available at the school office before your child leaves. This ensures that we can send all relevant information for your child or children to their new school.

Nursery Admissions


Admissions to Nursery are handled by the school directly in accordance to guidance from London Borough of Newham. Children are taken into the Nursery from the age of 3 years old. The usual point of entry is at the beginning of the academic year in September. If places are available then entry may be possible after the October half term and at the beginning of the Spring or Summer Terms.


Applications are available from the school office or can be found below. This form must be returned with a proof of your child's date of birth (preferably the birth certificate) and two proofs of address dated within the last three months. Without these your application will not be taken.


You can apply up to a year in advance. If you do this please do keep us informed of any change of address or contact details - including if you move out of the area and will therefore no longer need the place.

Reception Admissions


Your child is eligible to start Reception the academic year in which they turn five years old. The academic year is counted at beginning on 1st September and ending on 31st August. 

If your child was born between 1 September 2014 and 31 August 2015, you will need to apply for a reception class place in primary school for September 2019.


To apply for a place in a Reception class you must apply to London Borough of Newham and not to the school. Even if your child has a place in Avenue Nursery, a place in the school for the Reception class is not guaranteed. We will however guide all families who attend our Nursery through the application process.


Applications usually open in approximately October for a start date of September the following year. The closing date for applications is usually mid January.

Applications received after the closing date are classed as 'LATE APPLICATIONS'. Schools are given to all those applications received on time and then to all late applications.


If you are unsure about whether to apply then please call the school office or click here.

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