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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Hello and welcome to Year 4.


At Avenue Primary, we learn about a different topic every half term. These topics and called ‘drivers’ and revolve around a main question, which links specifically to either Science, History or Geography.


For this half term, we have a Science driver and our question to investigate is…



Within this Science driver, children will be looking at the uses of electricity in daily life and explain how it is useful to them. They will be investigating conductors and insulators, as well as creating closed and open circuits. Children will learn about electrical safety and how they can apply this knowledge in everyday life. They will also be learning about what light symbolises in different cultures. Children will use this knowledge and skills learnt to create a working lamp.


Below in an outline of what else we will be learning across the curriculum.



Ms Iqbal-Din, Ms Khan, Ms Shah-Aziz, Mr Deans

and Mr Towers



Here are some links to useful websites for the children to use for their own research and enjoyment.

Year 4 Challenge


Work out what the symbols in this circuit are


Why not try making this cool compass for part of your homework project?